101 Life Changing Daily Affirmations That WORK!

By numerologyluck

December 19, 2020

daily affirmations

If you’re not already listening to positive affirmations every day… well you should be.

Positive affirmations are one of these fastest and and most effective ways to inject crazy amounts of positive energy into your life and well crafty affirmations truly do have the power to improve your overall and outlook on life in dramatic ways.

To quote the wise words of Buddha himself: “What we think, we become.”

However not all affirmations are creative equal and some of the so called ‘positive’ affirmations that we have been seeing floating around we found to be downright uninspiring.

So today we present to you 101 of the very best and most powerful and transformational daily affirmations that when listened to regularly have the power to improve your outlook in all areas of your life including love, health, and wealth!

Sit back. Relax. And take in the expertly crafted and incredibly positive messages that you’ll find below!

#1: “Today is going to be a great and fulfilling day.”

#2: “I am healthy, happy and secure.”

#3: “I am an unlimited being with the ability to create anything I want.”

#4: “I naturally attract love everywhere I go.”

#5: “I greet today with calmness and confidence.”

#6: “I have everything I need to solve any challenges that arise.”

#7: “I am beautiful, strong and powerful.”

#8: “I am grateful for all that I have, all that I am, and all that is.”

#9: “I will make good choices all day using my inner wisdom.”

#10: “Today wonderful things will unfold before me.”

#11: “I inspire those around me.”

#12: “I inhale confidence and exhale doubt.”

#13: “I believe in myself with every fiber of my being.”

#14: “Today will be a beautiful adventure.”

#15: “Good things are coming to me today.”

#16: “I spread love to those around me and it returns to me in abundance.”

#17: “I am magnetic and irresistible to those around me.”

#18: “Love is attracted to me and I am attracted to love.”

#19: “My inner beauty radiates outwards.”

#20: “I draw love and romance into my life with ease.”

#21: “Today will be a perfect day.”

#22: “I am becoming better every day.”

#23: “Today I will attract a deeper love and appreciation for myself.”

#24: “I welcome love with open arms.”

#25: “I choose to fill myself with positive joy.”

#26: “My mind is filled with positive and nourishing thoughts.”

#27: “I can handle anything that comes my way.”

#28: “My life is filled with success and love.”

#29: “I am limited by nothing and have unlimited potential.”

#30: “I choose peace and harmony as my way of life.”

#31: “I am both whole and complete.”

#32: “I feel positive in every cell of my body.”

#33: “Good things will flow into my life today.”

Daily Abundance Quote
#34: “Today I will attract success, abundance and well-being.”

#35: “Everything is going to work out to my highest good.”

#36: “I am in full control of my life and enjoy every aspect of it.”

#37: “My day is filled with love and prosperity.”

#38: “I am imaginative and my creativity flows endlessly.”

#39: “I am at peace with the world.”

#40: “My relationships with those I love are constantly strengthening.”

#41: “I attract success into my life effortlessly.”

#42: “I know and believe with certainty in my ability to achieve.”

#43: “I am positive, passionate and successful.”

#44: “I wake up every day with a deep sense of peace and love.”

#45: “My body is vibrant and healthy.”

#46: “Wonderful things will happen to me today.”

#47: “I start every day off on the right foot.”

#48: “I will spread and attract love everywhere I go.”

#49: “I welcome today with open arms.”

#50: “I have total confidence in my ability to achieve.”

#51: “I am an unstoppable force capable of achieving anything.”

#52: “I look forward to the excitement and joy that today will bring.”

#53: “I am always led to people who need what I have to offer.”

#54: “I think positively and always get positive results.”

#55: “Abundance surrounds me everywhere I go.”

#56: “I accept and allow success in all areas of my life.”

#57: “I turn my dreams into reality.”

#58: “My thoughts are the architects of my destiny.”

#59: “I am committed to my goals and dreams.”

#60: “Success follows me everywhere I go.”

#61: “I deserve to have everything I want in life.”

#62: “I have the power to give love endlessly.”

#63: “I am open and receptive to all of the good in the universe.”

#64: “If I think it I can do it.”

#65: “All good things are now flowing into my life.”

#66: “Prosperity is all around me.”

#67: “I am grateful for the abundance in my life.”

#68: “My actions create constant prosperity.”

#69: “I attract lasting and happy relationships into my life.”

#70: “I achieve great results in everything that I do.”

#71: “I see endless opportunities before me.”

#72: “I attract everything I desire.”

#73: “My relationships are always safe and fulfilling.”

#74: “I feel the love of those around me immensely.”

#75: “I love the feeling of being in love.”

#76: “I radiate unconditional love.”

#77: “I am filled with the vibration of love.”

#78: “I desire love and receive it in abundance.”

#79: “I spread love and receive it back many times over.”

#80: “I find love everywhere I go.”

#81: “I am beautiful and worthy of love.”

#82: “I am grateful for the abundance of love in my life.”

#83: “Love is my birth right.”

#84: “The more I love myself the more love I receive from others.”

#85: “My heart is open and ready for love.”

#86: “Everything I do aligns with the vibration of love.”

#87: “Love fills my soul with warmth.”

#88: “I am always attracting fun into my life.”

#89: “My desires are manifested in reality.”

#90: “I deserve to be successful.”

#91: “My life is filled with abundance.”

#92: “My dreams naturally manifest into reality every day.”

#93: “I am grateful for the love in my life.”

#94: “I see love. I feel love. I am love.”

#95: “I love deeply and with passion.”

#96: “Every day I become more loving.”

#97: “Every day I receive more love.”

#98: “I am loved for who I am.”

#99: “I love myself unconditionally.”

#100: “I love every aspect of my life.”

#101: “I am deserving of the love that I receive.”

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